The mind behind

The crispness of apples, carrots or cucumbers. The natural sweetness of bananas, grapes or figs. Surprising turns like a sour splash of citrus or a sharp pinch of pepper. Comforting flavours like cinnamon, chocolate or a hearty broth. Complementary or similar goods of our beloved nature, combined to unique dishes and meals – bringing together people and their emotions, evolving into tradition and culture as one of humanity’s eldest needs

Food can be versatile, telling you a story and providing your body with energy for the next few hours. It might be good for your soul and mindset or help you boost your performance. While some experts break meals down to “just” providing the body with nutrients I, since being a little child, also saw it as a form of quality time with friends and family: sharing stories, memories and connecting people in such extraordinary moments of shared joy, tears or fears.

This fascination for enjoying not only food but all special moments other then shared meals has forever been a constant in my life. During the years passions for not only kitchen time, but also painting and photography developed. I’m Sabrina – a 17 18-years old german-based girl who's daily life is influenced by school work (just for your preparation: I might groan about it a whole lot...sorry!), all kind of sport (focus on Tae Kwon Do, Running and Equestrian) and being creative. 

Painting frequently since being able to hold a pencil quickly changed to the quest for portraying my motives realistically with all artistic methods available. After numerous years of hands (and for my mother’s joy all kind of clothes) covered with watercolours, acrylic colours, oil colours, pencil and other colourful strokes I started my first tries in the field of photography with my parents digital camera at the age of 11. This shortly wasn’t enough anymore: the first DSLR became part of my life.
The next days, months and years ‘til now were the pathway to continually improving photography and kitchen skills – one step at a time with mistakes and humbles as well as success stories along the way and further motivation to give all my best for every moment, live my passion and share it with the world out there and around me.

Indirectly driven by friends and family and their feedback for my kitchen adventures the idea of connecting both: kitchen and photography with a foodblog crossed my mind approximately a year ago. The idea of capturing all those unique tastes and textures: sweet, tart, crisp or smooth combined with telling a story through the photos styling/props and the blog entry itself started to be stuck in my head and the journey of finding a blogname, creating a layout (colours, style – typically girly, I now...), working on my internet skills and last but not least building up the blog itself started. 3rd October 2013 A Spoonful of Photography (trying to combine my two major passions right here) was born and together with my Canon EOS 1000D and my families tastebuds I hope to provide you some (mostly) easy recipes, bringing all kinds of flavours to your home-kitchen, to gather your loved ones and create memories – one meal at a time!

For further questions just contact me - I don't bite! See you soon!

Photos/Content: If not written otherways, all photos and written content belong to me! Please do not copy or reuse without further permission. I'm pleased if you adapt my recipes to your liking and want to publish it with your own instructions and photos. If you do so please contact me so I can check out your work- thanks!


  1. Your food photography is stunning! I'm looking forward to trying many of your recipes too. Your blog is very inspiring and I'm glad I've found it. Thank you and have a great day! :)

    1. Thank you so much - you just made my day! Have a great one too!

  2. Wonderful photographs Sabrina.Discovered your work from Foodgawker.Keep up the good work.

  3. Hi, Sabrina! I really like your blog and photos you take) I am also a young food blogger passionate about photography!) By the way, I study German in the University)

  4. Hi Sabrina, hope we will get a lot of new impressions after your "journey" to the UK. Take care of you!!!!