Monday, 9 June 2014

Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt Parfait

Yogurt Parfait for breakfast has been my number one survival meal the past couple of days. Returning from a wonderful summer vacation is hard, but returning to super humid weather which almost isn't that hot yet you already seem to drip in sweat only by walking up the stairs is even harder. So after waking up early because of the temperatures and air a cooling yogurt with fresh fruit and crunchy muesli is what I opt for. But instead of simply topping a bowlful with some fruit and similar I like to layer the ingredients all up parfait style - all the goodness in every bit and no leftover plain yogurt without any toppings in the end. Smart solution at its best!

Yogurt Parfait with Muesli, Honey and Banana

To make it even better this one doubles as a visual eye-catcher because of the visible layers when served in a glass! So it can not only be served day in and day out as a breakfast staple but also accompany a beautiful brunching table on special occasions! Win-win situation! I've included the recipe for my favourite combination of banana, honey and muesli below, but don't be shy to throw in new combinations using a variety of fruit, chopped chocolate, granola/cereal, or even crushed cookies. The combinations are literally endless and you can be sure to have a new one every day!

Yogurt Parfait with Muesli, Honey and Banana

Yogurt Parfait Layers

Yogurt Parfait
- serves one
- 1 banana
- 3 Tbsp muesli
- 1 tsp honey
- 150g plain yoghurt

1. Slice the banana.
2. Drop one tablespoon of yoghurt into the jar, then sprinkle a taplespoon of muesli on top. Layer some banana slices on top of this. Now continue to layer yoghurt, honey, muesli, banana, yoghurt, muesli, banana, ... until the yogurt is used up.
3. Garnish with the remaining muesli, arrange the left-over banana on top and drizzle with some honey. Serve immeditately and enjoy!


  1. Wow that looks amazing! Much better than my plain little yogurt parfaits I throw together in the morning. :) Will have to try this variation sometime soon! :D

    1. Oh, my, I'm running a little late with my replies - so sorry! Thanks! Gaah, I bet yours are awesome! :) Do it! There's no getting back: banana-muesli-yogurt-honey is a win, win, win and win situation ;-)