Sunday, 10 November 2013

Spiced Tea Latte {Chai Style}

Shopping - one thing nearly every girl loves, right? When it comes to me, I have to admit that I like it too, even though there's one thing that gets me waay more excited then a new shirt or dress. No,in this case I'm not talking about groceries(this is a totally different topic, could definitely write a whole about it ;-)). Okay, no more guessing time: props - its all about the foodtography props! A box full of old silverware right next to a bunch of linen and various backdrops - is there any better? And what's one of the most perfect places to watch out for props on a lovely sunday morning?

Right! A flea market! Row after row of tiny little sale stands, packed with a whole lot of garbage no one needs, but right there, in the corner of an inconspicuous carton is THE piece. It might be a fork with beautiful engravings or
a pot, telling a story with some dents and scratches here or there, but that makes him the perfect match for a future shoot. Today's crisp air, light blue sky and laughing sun made it a pure pleasure to walk through the place, taking the time to look here or there and from time to time finding a little cookie cutter or a beautifully stitched napkin. It took exactly two hours to be packed with an old wine box, a variety of cookie cutters, some linen, a fork, a spoon and a bowl made up from wire. With new recipes already in my head I can't wait to use all of these in some future posts!

After the bike ride home the fingers were finally frozen - it's still about 5°C here, but the strong wind makes it feel a lot colder!
And what's the easiest way to defrost frozen fingertips? Calls for a simple spiced tea latte, reminding a little of the well known chai tea latte. Strong hot tea with whipped milk, accompanied by of the last post's cookies are just a perfect match to resore the energy while watching the first rain drops dripping against the windows.
You'll be left with a mustache of creamy milk froth on your lips and a smile on your face - the spices are (early) harbingers of the soon-to-begin christmas season and tell you a story of childhood memories, dusted hands, dough on your shirt, singing Jingle bells and laughing with your family, while sheet after sheet a variety of cookies come out of the oven with spices ranged from simple cinnamon to the more extraordinary sal volatile. The basic sugar cookies get layered in boxes right next to the stunning baumkuchen and you just can't wait 'til Santa knocks on your door. Oh, such happy times! (Not that christmas isn't great any more, but year after year I realize what the adults mentioned annualy, how dezember is such a stressful month!) With christmas before our doors I already have an exhausting list of cookies and cakes with the season's spices - all need to be done within the next 6 weeks, so you better prepare for a huuge amount of christmas recipes in the upcoming month!
But now we still have time to sit on the couch, fingers crossed around a mug of hot spiced tea latte, philosophying about the childhood miracles and excluding any christmas stress from our mind!
Spiced Tea Latte {Chai Style}
- makes enough for 1 large sized mug or 2 regular sized cups
- 2 Tbsp dark black tea
- 1 tsp Cinnamon
- 1 generous pinch of each: anise, cardamom, nutmeg, ginger and cloves
- 150 ml water
- 135 ml milk
1. Start by mixing the tea with the spices and put it in a tea bag. Heat the water until cooking, then add in the tea bag, turn off the heat and let it sit for 10 minutes (makes a really strong tea).
2. Meanwhile heat the milk in the microwave for ~1 minute. Then, by using an electric milk frother, froth the milk for an other minute until your left with the desired consistency of milk froth. Pour the milk with the froth into the cups or the mug. Then slowly pour in the tea. Top with some cinnamon or add in some honey and enjoy!

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