Monday, 28 October 2013

One Cup Pancakes and relaxing time

Pancakes - one of the baking miracles. Flour, Butter/Oil, Yogurt, Sugar and Baking Powder get turned into awesome little wonders, to be on your table in minutes. A thin crisp crust covers the ultimately fluffy interior - my favourite to be drenched in dark Maple Sirup. Pure Bliss!

  We have two weeks off from school as autumn holidays right now and despite volunteering at a kids camp until the afternoon every day, I try to get some off time for relaxing and calming down in this comfy month of October.

Most of the exams lie behind me and autumn as my favourite season holds a little bit of everything: from reflecting on the past like-always-totally-rushed summer (still outsourcing summer vacation photos, anybody?) and the excitement about the (too-soon) upcoming christmas with all the baking, cooking and quality family time. Long walks in the crisp air, warming teas, impression of the leaves which gradually change in colour and sweatpants ALL day long! Who doesn't love this?

Soo, you ask what pancakes have to do with all the going into rapture about autumn? It's damn simple. Cold fingers after some outdoor time match a hot cup of tea or coffee like nothing else and afternoon tea is most enjoyable with some pancakes on the side!
So, put on your (rubber) boots, slip into a comfortable jacket, grab your camera for capturing nature's special moments and off you go for some me-time! The forest, the fields or anything else around your neighbourhood makes a perfect place for relaxing and calming down the nerves: take a step back, just watch what happens around you or let your thoughts slip away into the unknown - I promise, afterwards you might as well feel like newborn (okay, at least for a little second - sorry for getting so philosophical here!).

To pave the way for moments like this I want to provide you with my go-to pancake recipe! It's just as simple as I told you in the beginning: some basic ingredients, a tablespoon, a measuring cup, a mixing bowl and a pan - that's all!

One cup pancakes
   adapted from the worktop
- makes about 2 servings or eat some as a meal and keep the leftovers as a snack or dessert
- 1 egg
- 1 packet vanilla sugar or a tablespoon of regular sugar
- 1 cup yogurt (I used a 3,5% natural one, but feel free to sub with flavoured ones or even greek)
- 1 packet baking powder
- 1 cup flour
- 1 Tbsp Oil
- Maple Sirup, according to taste

1. Beat the egg together with the sugar until slightly fluffy. Add in the yogurt.
2. Mix in the baking powder and the flour. Last but not least add the oil - mix well and let stand for a couple of minutes - the time your pan needs to heat.
3. Coat the pan with some oil and bake your pancakes one for one, flipping sides when bubbles appear on the surface of the batter.
4. Drizzle each with some maple sirup, layer and serve with a cup of tea or coffee!


  1. Hi Sabrina! Thanks for stopping by my site and checking it out :) Happy to see that you were able to enjoy the recipe!

  2. Woah! Haven't tried never to make some pancakes as my brain remember. So seeing that they are this easy, I swear I'll make them when my stomach stops refusing all kind of sweety food :_D
    I'll tell you so you can take a look at the results of mine ones! ;)